Brief history

The Laboratorio Vaccinogeno Pagnini (hereinafter LVP) was founded in the late forties by Mr. Ugo Pagnini, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Aviculture Pathologies and Public Health at the Veterinary Medical Faculty of the Turin, Messina and Naples Universities. Prof. Pagnini has also been the Faculty Dean of the Naples Veterinary Faculty and has been internationally recognised as one of the “Fathers” of the modern veterinary science. After the Infectious Diseases chair at the Messina University, Prof. Pagnini arrives at the Naples Veterinary Faculty working there as Dean and contributing to the implementation of the Aviculture Pathology specialization. The aviculture research experienced with studies on the main aviculture diseases in the poultry industry led Prof. Pagnini to the implementation of important immunizating safeguards for the poultry illnesses spread in Italy in the late forties. LVP current activity is mainly focused on the manufacture and scientific research of Medical veterinary products and Complementary feedingstuff. Indeed, LVP range of products is capable to match and satisfy all the needs of the veterinary sector: i.e. poultry, rabbits, swines, cattles, ovines, goats, birds, equines. The products, made using raw materials of high quality standards, are formulated both in powder and in liquid solution to better meet the farmer’s needs. The experience accumulated over the years by the Laboratorio Vaccinogeno Pagnini, and the relations with the leading raw material manufacturers and suppliers, are the best quality and professionality guarantees in the animal nutrition service.